AIAPGET 2020 Online Coaching

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Comprehensive Package of Notes and Weekly Test Series

As per BAMS Syllabus

Affordable package

Proven track record in delivering value

After successful 3 years of online coaching we are proud to launch the 4th year’s batch of AIAPGET 2020 online coaching series

Our Highlights:

Proven track record in delivering value

Most trusted, most sought, detailed note for AIAPGET entrance

Covers all the important points of major subjects as per CCIM syllabus

Continued learning anytime anywhere – with Lakshya Andriod App

Self study materials with Weekly test series (AIAPGET model)

Daily tests for refreshing the subjects


Course starts from - 4th August 2019

TIme table

Date Module Subjects
11.08.2019 A1 Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana
25.08.2019 A2 Sutra Sthana Ashtanga Hrudaya 1-15 & Ashtanga Samgraha1-24
08.09.2019 A3 Sarira Sthana (Charaka, Susrutha, Vagbhata)
22.09.2019 A4 Charaka Indirya, Charaka Vimana , Sarangadhara Samhita
06.10.2019 A5 Susrutha Sutra Sthana
20.10.2019 A6 Agada Tantra
27.10.2019 A7 Rasa Sastra
27.10.2019 A8 Bhaishajya Kalpana
03.11.2019 A9 Dravya Guna Vijnana
10.11.2019 A10 Padartha Vijnana And Ithihasa
17.11.2019 A11 Roganidana
24.11.2019 A12 Swasthavritta
08.12,2019 A13 Kaya Chikitsa Part 1
22.12.2019 A14 Kaya Chikitsa Part II
05.01.2020 A15 Kaumarabhritya
12.01.2020 A16 Shalakya Tantra
26.01.2020 A17 Salya Tantra
09.02.2020 A18 Prasuti & Stree Roga
23.02.2020 A19 Panchakarma
08.03.2020 A20 Rasayana Vajeekarana
15.03.2020 R1 A1, A2, A5, Preventive and social medicine
22.03.2020 R2 A3, A4, A6, Anatomy And Physiology
29.03.2020 R3 A7, A8, A9, Modern Pharmacology
05.04.2020 R4 A10, A19, A20 Forensic Medicine And Toxicology
12.04.2020 R5 A11, A12,  Medicine And Pathology
19.04.2020 R6 A13, A14, A15 Paediatrics And Gynecology
26.04.2020 R7  A16, A17, A18 Surgery, ENT And Ophthalmology
03.05.2020 M1 Model test 1
10.05.2020 M2 Model test 2
17.05.2020 M3 Model test 3
24.05.2020 M4 Model test 4

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*Note: In cases of any emergency, Time table may be subject to change without prior information